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Friday, June 25, 2010

25 June 2010 Musicstore Official Michael Jackson Memorial Prayer

Official Michael Jackson Memorial Prayer :

Dear Father We Graciously Plead Your Love & Mercy For The Michael Jackson Estate We Pray For The Safety And Well Being Of His Children Bless The Jackson Family At This Time Of Mourning Over What Was What Were And What Would Still Be The Greatest Entertainer None Other Than The King Of Pop Michael Jackson Who Embraced And Changed Lives Through Word and Deed He Was A Spirtual Man Who Was A God Fearing Man And Lead By Example Be With Him Oh Lord As We Sing Songs Of Grace And Rejoice The Heavens Shining Down On Us Bless His Family,Friends & Fans Oh Lord As We Are The Barrier That Keeps The Legacy Of Michael Jackson Ever Burning In Our Hearts.

Author :

Njiva Buthelezi
©2010 Musicstore Blog Post 25 June 2010 (14:46pm)


Anonymous said...

R.I.P., MJ! Thank you for the music & memories! You are missed!

Any other MJ fans planning to watch TV Guide's Michael Jackson special, Gone Too Soon, tonight? I can't wait!!

Check it out:

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