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Monday, June 21, 2010

Indian Vikram Raghav Is An Internet Stalker Commiting Cyber Abuse

Vikram Raghav Is An Internet Stalker Who Is Commiting Cyber Abuse Hurting & Exploiting The Feelings Of Others He Lures His Prey By Sending Them Friendly Friend Requests On Facebook Then Stalks Them Even When Most Try To Get Rid Of Him By Deleting Him & Blocking Him He Always Has A Way Of Getting Them Back If You Are A Victim Of Cyber Sexual Or Just Plain Cyber Abuse Report It To The Police Because Cyber Abuse Is A Crime.

One Of His Most Recent Victims Is Aisha Esha Wagner Who Deleted Him & Blocked His Account.

She Is Friends With Fellow Blogger Njiva Buthelezi

Don't Ever Except Vikram Raghav's Friend Requests On Facebook.

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