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Friday, July 2, 2010

Brazil Vs Netherlands First Half Ends With Brazil 1 - Netherlands 0

Brazil Vs Netherlands Match 02 July 2010 Has Come To A Half After The 45 minute Whistle Was Blown By The Referee The 1st Half Ended With Brazil (1) - Netherlands (0) The Only Goal Of This Half Was Scored By Robinho At The 10' (10th minute) The 1st Half Statistics & Match Analysis Was Given By Jay Jay Okocha Amongst Others.

Brazil 1

Netherlands 2

Netherlands Score They 2nd Goal The Team Safely Put Themselves In The Lead In The Late 60's Sneider Who Scored The 2nd Goal Has Scored 3 Goals In 5 Matches.

Brazil Knocked Out Of The 2010 World Cup For The First In Time In World Cup History Brazil Doesnt Advance To The Semi Finals The 5x World Champions Were Expected To Win The World Cup But Didnt Even Make It To The Semi's Fans Were Crying Crocodile Tears The Shock Vivid In The Eyes Of Players Like Kaka,Fabiano,Alves & Robinho This Indeed Was Unexpected.

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