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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Justin Bieber Wants To Date Cheryl Cole Justin Bieber Is Inlove With Cheryl Cole

Justin Bieber Wants To Date Cheryl Cole The "One Time" Singer (aged 16) Wants To Date Cheryl Cole Who Is 11 Years Older Than Him And Nothing Would Make Happier Than To Take British Singer On A Date Next Time She Is In The US Or If He Is In The UK (So Where Would Justin Bieber Take Cheryl Cole On Date?) He Would Take Her To A Los Angeles Restruarant And Since She Is A Big Fan Of KFC They Would Grab A Bucket,Sit At The Beach And Talk Justin Biebers Says "I Think Cheryl Cole Is The Most Beautiful Woman Not Only In Showbiz But The Whole World" And Any Guy Dating Her Is Luckiest Guy In The World And Should Treat Her Like A Lady (Queen) And Shouldnt Mess Up The Oppurtunity That Is Every Guy's Wish.Follow Us On Twitter

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