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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Katy Perry Wants Britney Spear's Pearly White Teeth

Katy Perry Wants To Have Britney Spear's Pearly White Teeth Katy Perry Admits To Poor Dental Hygeine When She Was Still A Teenager But After Seeing Britney Spear's Music Videos She Would Be Like Wow Britney's Teeth Are So White Does She Change Them Everyday And From There Are On She Took Care Of Her Teeth And She Has A Regular Dental Check Up Something She Never Had Growing Up.

Katy Perry Is Obsessed With Her Teeth And Brushes Them After Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner (3 Times A Day) She Loves Fresh Breath And Its A Total Turnoff For A Guy Who Likes Katy Perry To Have Yellow Teeth Or Bad Breath.
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