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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lady Gaga Says Money Is Boring

Lady Gaga Is Bored By Money The 24 Year Old Star Admits Money Is The Key Element To Her Haus Of GaGa Warehouse Where She And Her Designers Come Up With The Weirdest & Craziest Ideas Lady Gaga Also Admits To Making Alot Of Money From Digital Downloads & Album Sales But Every Single Penny Lady Gaga Makes Goes Back To The Haus of GaGa To Her Fame Is Not About Money But Its About Helping GaGa To Become The Biggest Star In The World Lady Gaga Says She Doesnt Care About Fancy Cars That Most Celebrities Drive Like Lambos & Bentley Lady GaGa's Real Name Is Stephenie And She Lives & Was Born In New York (28 March 1986).
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