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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lloyd Banks Compares Nicki Minaj To Lil Kim

Lloyd Banks Says Nicki Minaj Is Dope But Lil Kim Is Also Dope They Are Very Talented Rappers But Lil Kim Claims That Nicki Minaj Is Swagger Jackin (Stealing Her Style) And Says Nicki Minaj Should Pay Homage 23 Year Old Toronto Rapper Drake Responded Saying "Nicki Minaj Is The Dopest Female MC Ever!!" But Nicki Minaj Didnt Steal Lil Kim's Style But Maybe She Is Inspired Or Influenced By Lil Kim But Nicki Minaj Is Unique And Versatile Though Lil Kim Is Experienced She Lacks Energy & A Key Element So Nicki Shares A Few Similarities With Kim But Not Entirely.
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