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Friday, July 9, 2010

N-Dubz Isnt A Fan Of X-Factor Contestants

Dappy A.K.A N-Dubz Isnt A Fan Of X-Factor Contestants And Considers Them As Cheaters Because They Stand In An Audition Line And Give A Performance And They Instantly Stars While Some Artists Like Him Have To Wait 10 Years To Make It In The Industry And Have To Approach 30 to 40 Record Labels And Have The Door Slammed In Their Faces And Get A "NO!!" Answer At Every Attempt So N-Dubz Thinks Former X-Factor Artists Like Alexandra Burke and Cheryl Cole Are Cheaters Who Have Taken A Shortcut To Fame.

N-Dubz Needs To Get A Life Contestants Work Hard To Make It,Winning X-Factor Is A Long Journey That Takes Courage and Discipline.

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