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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jay-Z Says He Is Not An Ulluminatist The Roc-A-Fella Rapper Jay-Z Claims To Believe In God

Jay-Z Has Put An End To The Rumors Of Him Being An Ulluminatist (Devil Worshipper) The RocNation Multi-Millionaire Rapper Jay-Z Claims To Believe In God And Versus' From "Freemason" (By Rick Ross & Jay) & His Latest Single "Ulluminati" Explain Why Jay-Z Is Believed To Be An Ulluminatist.

"Bitch I Said I Was Amazing Not That Im A Mason It's Amazing That I Made It Thru The Maze That I Was In Lord Please Forgive I Would Have Never Made It Without Sin."

Jay-Z Says He Believes In God And Explains The Triangle Sign That He & Fellow Rapper Kanye West Makes Saying That "That Triangle Is On The Dollar Bill With The Eye In The Middle Symbolizing Black Struggle & Black Enslavement In The 1800's"

So Jay-Z Aint As Evil As People Make Him Out To Be What You Think???

Jay-Z - Ulluminati [MP3]

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