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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

50 Cent Calls Diddy An Ugly Bitch 50 Cent Disses Diddy and Dirty Money On Eminems Radio Station

50 Cent Calls Diddy A Ugly Bitch Who Is A Leech And Sucks On Everybody Around Him The Hip Hop Artist 50 Cent Dissed Diddy & Dirty Money On Eminem's Radio Show Shade 45 Live 50 Cent Says He Has Never Been A Fan Of Diddy And Says He Is An Ugly Lying Bitch Who Is Using The Two Ugly Girls In Dirty Money To Make Him Look Pretty And Trying To Make A Fake Comeback So Now Its Official "Curtis Jackson" (50 Cent) and "Sean Combs" (Diddy) Are Enemies And Not Just Musically But On A Personal Level Too.
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