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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Janelle Monae Addresses Gay Rumors Janelle Monae Comments On Gay Rumors Being Spread About Her

Janelle Monae Has Been Yet Another Victom Of Internet Celebrity Thrashing The American Singer Has Been Questioned About Her Style & Mascuiline Wardrobe Made Of Black Suits,Blazers,Ties & Mascuiline Attire But Janelle Monae Has Taken A Stand And Finally Addressed Rumors Of Her Being Gay This Is What She Has To Say "The Lesbian Community Has Tried To Claim Me." The Debut Artist Calls The Way She Dresses "Janelle Monae's Uniform" Saying My Mom Was A Janitor and My Dad Was A Garbage Collector So Just Like Them I Have A Uniform Too Embraces The Young Star But She Says "I Have A Unique Style And I Want To Empower Young Girls Everywhere To Embrace Their Own Styles And To Let Them Know That People Will Accept You For Who You Are She Says But Did You Know??? That US President Barack Obama Is A Huge Janelle Monae Fan.

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